An online Big Brother Experience.


How it Works.

The game is held on my custom forums here on (view an example here). There, players can Instant Messages each other in a Facebook-like chat. Everything works seamlessly on mobile. Players should try and message their housematess often in order to bond and form alliances, break alliances, etc…Players are given the identity of a real Big Brother contestant from the television series. They will adopt their name and identity to hide their own. They do not need to act anything like their alias, it is merely there to prevent players from coming into the game with a bias against other players or with pre-game alliances. Because of this, it is imperative to keep your real identity private and only go by the alias assigned to you. Any player that breaks this rule is immediately removed from the game. All events are live and everyone should be there to participate for most events. They take place at 8c/9e pm US time. Challenges may be in the form of visual puzzles, races, social dynamics, and other challenging online activities to determine a winner. The game will last roughly 30 days or 1 month.