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The big brother game You've waited for.

big brother online, in the comfort of your home

Every Big Brother fan Monday morning quarterbacks the show, but what is it REALLY like to play? Isolated was created to give everyone that opportunity from the comfort of their homes. With the most realistic online experience possible, you can finally answer that burning question…

How would I do?


Started nearly 8 years ago in 2014, Isolated combines months of preparation, years of experience, and an ever-growing family of Alumni, all to give you the experience of a lifetime. 

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How Online Reality Games Work

So how does it work? You will compete on custom-made forums where live challenges, scheming, and Evictions will take place. The game runs from Sunday to Thursday, with Fridays and Saturdays off. Events are held from 8pm US Central time and typically last for an hour and a half. The game lasts on average, 4 weeks, usually 30 days. You have the ability to vote in advance should you have to miss a day here or there. However, missing too many days in a row could lead to your removal, so we recommend that you can generally make the challenge times.

Play Big Brother

We have made everything as easy as possible on players. We create your account and set everything up for you. On the day the game begins, you will receive a login and password for the forums. On the forums, all conversations take place in a custom private messaging system similar to Facebook Messenger. The site is mobile-optimized. Players are given the alias of a Big Brother Contestant. This is purely to conceal your real identity and make the other players more approachable. The number one rule of Isolated is that you must remain anonymous. You can reveal details of your personal life but cannot give away any identifying information, such as emails, screen names, accounts, or real names. We do this so that everyone is on a level playing field, and no one can enter the game knowing anyone else.


Challenges are all performed live on the forums with custom graphics and design. No downloading of Apps or additional software required! The challenges will range from Puzzles and Mind Games to Social Competitions and Speed Tests. We have carefully curated our challenges over the years to simulate the real experience online.

The Community

The Isolated Community is one of the most diverse and entertaining on the internet. We pride ourselves in casting wide nets from PHD students, to professors, to doctors and lawyers, to your average joes. We differ from most other online communities in that we skew to an older, more mature crowd. Our average age falls somewhere between 25 and 30. While we do accept contestants under 18, it is rare, and they are vetted to be mature and able to handle any dramatic or controversial situations that may arise. 

We care about individual journeys and experiences over game bots. We want you to feel something and have a truly unique experience while playing. We have a dedicated staff of alumni that read every conversation, both private and public, in the game. We podcast about the season as it goes on and asks in-depth questions in confessionals.

After the game is overall the players join the Discord Channel where we talk about Big Brother, play mini-games, jackbox games and have a good sense of community. Of course, since we have found some of the biggest and most diverse personalities the internet has to offer, there is the occasional scuffle or drama. Its all in good fun and goes hand in hand with our love of reality tv!

Reality Big Brother Online

I am 30 years old and have an advertising agency by day. Isolated is my creative outlet where I can go wild with graphics, video, and web design. It’s why you can expect world-class graphics in an online experience. We have tweaked and perfected the experience over our 14-year history with both Stranded, our long running survivor series, and Isolated,  to put on the most entertaining season possible. We strive to give each player a story they can have long after the game is over. 


Oh and did I mention the $100 prize? Join us today! We look forward to having you as part of the growing Isolated Family.