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Welcome to the Finale

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And the winner is...

Let's get to the votes...

The other two haven't really said much to change my mind. I feel like the person I'm voting for played a tad bit better than the other two, but where this person had a leg up was that they used a strategy I envision using in real life BB if/when I ever get the chance.

Not sure if this is the alcohol or if it's actually my brain, but I vote to give DALLAS the win. Dallas, you just gave a more personalized compliment. The other two were much less personal.

Nachos, baby. You redeemed the nachos. I'm still pissed at you for ruining a lot for me, but it worked out for you. Since I am voting for you, you better win, bitch.

2 votes Cassandra, 1 vote Dallas, 1 vote Loveita

You played HARD when your ass was in the fire and that was literally the entire last half of the game. Respect for persevering while keeping good jury relations and making substantial enough moves to not look weak. Nobody makes all the right choices in this game, but in my book, you made more good calls than bad. Also VETO BEAST

Not to make a reference to the name of our not so successful alliance (Destiny’s Child) but sis is a survivor and so she has my vote.

Just as I said in my jury thread, I think you three are the best players this season and this was an extremely difficult decision, my mind changed back and forth between all of you as I read your answers to us and thought about the game over the weekend. I started the questioning process thinking I would vote for one person, and after some back and forth, my vote has ended up back on that person, so an amazing game to all three of you, but I'm going to vote for Loveita to win. At the end of the day, while I feel like mistakes were made in Love's game, specifically when Alec went home, she never allowed herself to face repercussions and played a strong social game while obviously dominating the competition aspect of this season.

You impressed me with your survival. Congrats and good luck. I wish you had been bolder with your moves.

This is the final key.

The winner is...