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Welcome to the Winner Reveal

Nomination Intro
Safe - Key #1
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Safe - Key #8
Safe - Final Key

JC & Matt

Matt and JC, you have come as far as you can in this game on your own. The nine former houseguests that comprise the jury have voted. Tonight you want to see your key as it represents a vote FOR you to win. Let's read the votes...

the first vote for the winner of Isolated: Invasion is...

Overall, I can see both sides of the coin and have thought voting for both. I am going with Matt because in terms of social game and just being 'a dude' in the Big Brother house, but I do think JC is going to win, so I wouldn't worry too much there, Cola. ~~~~~~ Neither got my question right. DIC, true, it was nicknamed Do It Cheap, but had the core ethos of G.I. Joe remained, I could have gone along with the power animation quality. If you listen to the lyrics of Sunbow G.I. Joe, "Fighting for freedom whenever there's trouble" to basically "fight[ing] for your rights" in DIC G.I. Joe. One is about sacrifice and putting something bigger ahead of yourself; the other is what your actions can get you (mememe), a big problem in the world to this very day. I was pretty opinionated in game about issues, so I am pretty surprised neither could figure this out of my thought process on things. I speak about this in my Courtneyverse thread, so again, it wasn't a trick question.

the second vote for the winner of Isolated: Invasion is...

"Tonight, I am voting for the person who got their alliance far in this game and controlled the major aspects of it" "JC, if it wasn't for you your alliance would not have made it far. If other people won HoH at different times your entire team would crumble. Your continued HoH wins kept them safe and your challenge wins then sent them to jury. If it was not for you, they would not be them. I Hope you are announced the winner because you deserve it"

the third vote for the winner of Isolated: Invasion is...

Kudos! You threw it back at me when I was throwing it all over the place. You tripped me out, and I'm not one to forget that kind of stuff. Well done. 

the fourth vote for the winner of Isolated: Invasion is...

I think he’s a good person to represent the season as a winner. He’s strong in competitions and I think he had a more complex social game than Matt did.

the fifth vote for the winner of Isolated: Invasion is...


the sixth vote for the winner of Isolated: Invasion is...

I thought a lot about this. Going into this finale, I was leaning towards voting for JC. I think JC played the most solid BB style game in the house. As Matt answered the questions, though, I can't really find fault with his game, whereas JC has some things that are questionable. Do a couple of mistakes override all the good things about someone's game? Hell no. This choice is more even than I predicted it would be. At the end of the day, the most important story this season was a story about how to treat other human beings. JC was never a problem in that regard, nor was Matt. But when I look big picture at where we were, how we got here, and the kind of winner that I want this season to be remembered by, I have to listen to my heart. JC, you did an amazing job. But my vote is for Matt.

the seventh vote for the winner of Isolated: Invasion is...

JC, I was 100% sure you were going to follow me out the door after my eviction. I thought your game was completely shot but you clearly knew exactly how to get yourself out of it and apparently a lot of shit. You had a great social and competitive game and made good moves when necessary. I came into this knowing if I made it to jury I did not want to be a bitter juror and I was going to vote for the player who had the best game. I think you came into this game at a disadvantage and you ran with it. You never once let it get to you. You had me fooled so deeply I truly thought we were 100% (but apparently so did so many!!) so complete props to you. Congratulations on an amazing well played game! I hope we can continue this friendship after all is said and done. I still think you were a snake though, sorry not sorry. 

the eighth vote for the winner of Isolated: Invasion is...

As much as I hated that you outed the alliance and didn’t take me to the end, I have to respect your game. Good game bud <3

This is the final key.

JC & Matt

the winner of Isolated: Invasion is...