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Welcome to the Nomination Ceremony

Nomination Intro
Safe - Key #1
Safe - Key #2
Safe - Key #3
Safe - Key #4
Safe - Final Key

As Head of Household, my duties are to nominate two houseguests for Eviction. If your key is pulled tonight, you are safe from nominations. The last two remaining houseguests without keys are nominated for Eviction. Good luck!

the first person safe from nominations is...

the second person safe from nominations is...

the third person safe from nominations is...

the fourth person safe from nominations is...

This is the final key.

Flick, Gary, Winston

the final person safe from nominations is...

Flick & Gary

You have been nominated for eviction.

I have nominated Gary and Flick for eviction. Flick, your nomination of me last round really hurt me and forced my hand in this nomination. In my first HOH, when I received so much pressure to nominate you as an incoming invader, I chose not to because I felt like we had a genuine bond. I didn't listen to the people who were in my ears. When I won HOH again, when Winston won veto, I, again, felt the pressure to put you up as a renomination. But I didn't. Yes, I chose Kristen who was a close ally, but in doing so, I ensured you stayed in the game, contrary to what others may have wanted. And when you won HOH, I did my best to plead my case and I appreciate you protecting me and saying you wanted me to stay, but I felt burned that the first position of power you get, you chose to not return the favor. So as a result, since I feel you made me a vulnerable target, I have to repay that favor. --- Gary, you took Annie out and I'm appreciative of that. Like Flick, I returned the favor the following round by not nomming you. You acknowledged during Flick's HOH reign that the Gary/Kristen/Flick/JC "alliance" was no longer in effect/non existent. I heard that you were the one who put into Flick's ear to put up challenge threats, which resulted in me being nommed, plus spearheaded the rumor of Scottie/JC being linked throughout the entire house. I don't think you have my back at the end of the day so it makes sense to put you up alongside Flick. I wish you all best of luck in veto.
Head of Household