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Welcome to the Nomination Ceremony

Nomination Intro
Safe - Key #1
Safe - Key #2
Safe - Key #3
Safe - Key #4
Safe - Key #5
Safe - Key #6
Safe - Key #7
Safe - Final Key

As Head of Household, my duties are to nominate two houseguests for Eviction. If your key is pulled tonight, you are safe from nominations. The last two remaining houseguests without keys are nominated for Eviction. Good luck!

the first person safe from nominations is...

the second person safe from nominations is...

the third person safe from nominations is...

the fourth person safe from nominations is...

the fifth person safe from nominations is...

the sixth person safe from nominations is...

the seventh person safe from nominations is...

This is the final key.

Annie, Courtney, Matt

the final person safe from nominations is...

Annie & Courtney

You have been nominated for eviction.

First off, I randomized the keys so don't micro-analyze them like I know some of you overplaying gamebots love to do. ( ) Big brother (the show) got rid of the key wheel ages ago because it's dumb and tedious and boring, so I am not playing along. (the reveal looks sweet as hell though so props for that, Delta) Second, These noms are not what the house wants. If I wanted an easy vote that the house could agree on, I'd have Scottie, JC, and Winston up here. Instead, I've gathered what information I can, and nominated the people I think give me the best chance to have a shot at this game. As much as I loved my 48 hour rimfest in the HOH room (y'all have skilled tongues, ngl), everyone's unspoken words spoke louder than their spoken ones. I asked everybody the same questions, and what stuck out to me, was almost nobody bothered to put GARY into a group. Most of you were telling me what you thought I wanted to hear. That told me all I needed to know. Loud and clear, ladies and gentlemen. Loud and clear. Finally, to the nominees, these noms aren't personal in any way. Annie, I've barely met you so there's nothing I can say about how much we get along or don't get along. You seem swell. I'm nominating you because almost everyone wanted to protect you. That's bad for Gary. Court, I love you and it's been fun getting to know your personality throughout the game but despite our extended time together in invader house, I am left with very little faith that I will ever be high enough on your pecking order for you to ever stick your neck out for me. That, and the dynamics of the house have necessitated putting you on the block. Believe me, I was conflicted when making this decision. As a human being, I've always been conflicted. Conflicted because life is meaningful, yet, the one thing that binds us all together is that we are all gonna die. "But Daddy Gary," you may ask, "If we are all going to die, why are you insisting on victimizing us?" Well, unfortunately dearest Annie and Courtney, you are both victims. But in this life, victims aren't we all?
Head of Household