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Welcome to the Nomination Ceremony

Nomination Intro
Safe - Key #1
Safe - Final Key

As Head of Household, my duties are to nominate two houseguests for Eviction. If your key is pulled tonight, you are safe from nominations. The last two remaining houseguests without keys are nominated for Eviction. Good luck!

the first person safe from nominations is...

This is the final key.

JC, Matt, Winston

the final person safe from nominations is...

JC & Winston

You have been nominated for eviction.

Who would've thought ol' Hal would be in this position lol. Definitely not me but this was for you Reem. Winston, everyone knows if you make it to the end, you win. You have good relations in the jury and you have PROVEN that you deserve to be here with all your comp wins. None of us could beat you in the finals in my mind, so I had to put you up this week. I think you're a great guy though and do wish you the best. JC, if you told me a few rounds ago I would be putting you up, I would've thought you were insane. However, since outing the Spice Girls, it's been hard for me to bring myself to trust you again. I was really hurt and felt incredibly betrayed at the time but I now understand your reasoning and respect it. Even so, I had to nominate you tonight. You're also a comp beast so I couldn't risk it. Winston and I joked about me making these noms when he was HOH. He said it would be "on-brand" for him to be on the block versus JC. I completely agree and wish you both the best of luck in Veto tonight.
Head of Household