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Welcome to the Nomination Ceremony

Nomination Intro
Safe - Key #1
Safe - Key #2
Safe - Final Key

As Head of Household, my duties are to nominate two houseguests for Eviction. If your key is pulled tonight, you are safe from nominations. The last two remaining houseguests without keys are nominated for Eviction. Good luck!

the first person safe from nominations is...

the second person safe from nominations is...

This is the final key.

Courtney, Haleigh, Reem

the final person safe from nominations is...

Haleigh & Reem

You have been nominated for eviction.

I have nominated Haleigh and Reem for eviction. Both of you have been sitting in positions of power last round. It didn't take learning about the Spice Girls for that to have been abundantly clear. But the times they are a-changing. Reem, you found a lot of success getting other people to do your dirty work, but when you grabbed a position of power, you realized that the work you intended to do was a lot more difficult than you had thought. All your cards have been played. It's time to see if you can come back with a new plan. Haleigh, you have spent this game playing the middle ground, refusing to take a stand until you were sure that your stand could be hidden among yet another "house vote." It's taken you a long time to step up and show that you are playing a game of your own. It's time to see if anyone will be willing to take a stand for you. Good luck in Veto.
Head of Household