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Welcome to the Eviction Ceremony

Eviction Intro
Key #1
Key #2
Key #3
Key #4
Key #5
Key #6
Final Key

Amanda and Sheila are nominated for eviction. Big Brother will reveal the votes below and the person evicted will be asked to leave the Isolated House immediately.

The first vote is for...

We're at final 10 and just don't talk. Sorry!


The second vote is for...

I really enjoyed your sense of humor this season!


The third vote is for...


The fourth vote is for...

Sheila, I have enjoyed talking foreign travels and bbuk with you, I think you are a wonderful person and I look forward to hearing more from you at the reunion. Evicting you is just the best move right now, please take care 💙 -DJ Spiral


The sixth vote is for...

You look kinda like Susie, so this could be as close as I can get to evicting Susie. Ciao!


This is the final key.

By a unanimous vote...

You have been evicted from the Isolated House. Say your goodbyes, Big Brother is coming to get you!