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Welcome to the Eviction Ceremony

Eviction Intro
Key #1
Key #2
Key #3
Key #4
Key #5
Key #6
Final Key

Aisleyne and Parker are nominated for eviction. Big Brother will reveal the votes below and the person evicted will be asked to leave the Isolated House immediately.

The first vote is for...

Parker, Aisleyne, This is the hardest choice I've had to make this game and possibly one of the hardest I've ever made. You are both great friends, and I promise your memory will live on, whichever one of you leaves. Parker, if you go, know I tried everything for you. Aisleyne, if you go, I'm so sorry I had to pick between you two. If you stay, I hope you won't hold this against me.


The second vote is for...

I'm tired of living in this house with a STRANGER.


The third vote is for...

You are incredible guy who is playing an incredible game. This is a move I don't know if we will get the chance to make again


The fourth vote is for...

sorry ais you are cool. Parker is cool too. But he is too cool.


The fifth vote is for...

So sorry, you were a joy to have around the house, this is just a super difficult vote!


The sixth vote is for...

"Sorry, between you and Aisleyne, I just think she is better to keep here."


This is the final key.

By a vote of 4 to 3...

You have been evicted from the Isolated House. Say your goodbyes, Big Brother is coming to get you!