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Welcome to the Eviction Ceremony

Eviction Intro
Key #1
Key #2
Key #3
Final Key

Adam and James are nominated for eviction. Big Brother will reveal the votes below and the person evicted will be asked to leave the Isolated House immediately.

The first vote is for...

You don't deserve a gpodbye speech. Just know I'll be laughing that you took me out, but I'm still here to watch you leave.


The second vote is for...

Adam, not only are you a competition beast, you were responsible for two of my great friends, Richard and Parker leaving the house one after the other. I respect your game as a fan, but as a player it's terrifying and going to get me killed. Mad love for you and your gameplay man. -DJ Spiral


The third vote is for...

When I say I think you're a good guy I mean it. But ever since you were in on the plan to get out my boy Richard I could never trust you again. You propose an immense competitive threat in this game and we all know that I am your number one target. The rivalry was fun while it lasted Adam but tonight I am ready to finally end it.


This is the final key.

By a unanimous vote...

You have been evicted from the Isolated House. Say your goodbyes, Big Brother is coming to get you!