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Welcome to the Nomination Ceremony

Nomination Intro
Safe - Key #1
Safe - Final Key

As Head of Household, my duties are to nominate two houseguests for Eviction. If your key is pulled tonight, you are safe from nominations. The last two remaining houseguests without keys are nominated for Eviction. Good luck!

The first person safe from nominations is...

Keys Remaining

This is the final key.

JC, Meech, Reem

the final person safe from nominations is...

JC & Meech

You have been nominated for eviction.

So uh, I did NOT expect to win last night. Honestly it's kind of a weird time to be HOH when the nomination pool is only 4 people and everyone is or has been working with everyone... At this point, nominations don't mean much because the power is mostly in the hands of whoever wins the Power of Veto. I did listen to and process every opinion and thought you guys all shared with me and everyone had some good points. I am just trying to do what is best for my personal game here in order to survive in the next round where I cannot play in the HOH. Needless to say, I don't really have a target here. Seriously, the veto will determine everything here so good luck to you both!
Head of Household